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Client Testimonials


S. Flores

March 2022

I have been coming here for the last 9 months. I don’t see myself not coming here! I look forward to it every time! My first time here I didn’t know what to expect. Linda made sure I was going to benefit from what I was getting and offered to start with chemical peels. Since then I’ve been getting chemical peels by Amy. She is the best and so sweet. She’s also funny and has always made me feel comfortable. I have seen an insane amount of improvement in my skin. I also received my first laser genesis last month by Linda and both of these procedures have worked so perfectly together. Just like Linda mentioned. The texture of my skin feels so amazing. I started coming here with low skin care. My skin has always been super sensitive but with the knowledge from these ladies, I have found what works. I love my results every month. My sister and mom come here as well and they love it just as much. The lady at the front desk is also polite and sweet. It feels good to go into an office and it’s all positive energy. I highly recommend this place if you haven’t tried it!

K. Brooks

April 2022

Beyond 5 star satisfaction! Every visit exceeds my expectation. I'm 60 years old with deep facial wrinkles. My consultation with Linda Foresyth, LME Spa Manager was informative and satisfying. Recommendations made by Linda yielded immediate results and with each visit I continue to see results and feel wonderful. Linda listens and educates. Recommendations are personalized not packaged. I'm now a VIP member for life. I can't wait for my next visit! KB

S. Deloach

June 2022

For my first time ever receiving Botox this was by far the best experience & was better than I anticipated. The doctor was insightful and provided great information and tips, really talked TO me and not AT me. I felt heard. The front office staff were professional but relatable and friendly. I was super nervous at first but oh man I can't wait to go back!

M. Martins

May 2022

This place is a hidden gem that has changed my life! I was getting Botox when I met Linda and she asked if I wanted better skin and it was a wrap! I come to her once a month and she’s the best. My skin care plan with her has me not wearing makeup anymore with confidence. I highly recommend her for your skincare. VIP Program can fit almost anyones budget.

V. Hooper

May 2022

This is the first time in my life that I have actually invested my time and money into my physical appearance other than a gym. I instantly felt at ease walking through the doors with the very sweet and smiling office lady. Gloria did an amazing job at making me feel comfortable and confident in what I wanted. Linda has taken her time and knowledge on multiple occasions to lead me on the path to beautiful and healthy skin. Prices are very reasonable and I’m just so fortunate to have found a place with such wonderful people!

Cindy L.

February 2020

I love love my results!!! Flex was my second attempt for me to try to get the body I wanted but don’t have the time to work towards getting. When I was younger and had no kids I could work out twice a day to stay in shape but as we get older and have more responsibilities we forget about taking care of ourselves sometimes. When that happens it shows on our body. So I started looking for options that would help me if not get back at least come close to what I use to look and feel like. My first attempt was EmSculpt. After 6 treatments I felt slightly stronger but didn’t see the results I was hoping for in my legs or gluts. I about gave up until I heard about TruSculpt Flex. I really like how the machine could customize the location of the pads on the body and I was impressed by the before and after photos. But what’s in a photo was my first thought since results tend not to be the same for everyone. But I was desperate to gain my strength and body back. So I called Rejuvenating Transformation Medical Spa (RejuvUrSkin Medical Spa) and had a consultation with Linda. She was very honest with me and said results always vary but have been very exciting at the same time. So, I took a chance and signed up to do a package for my legs and gluts. After my final treatment, I initially saw some results which made me somewhat happy. But after a week or so after my last treatment I noticed that my treated area continued to improve. No, my legs don’t look like they did when I was 20 but they do look amazing. I feel comfortable in my shorts and jeans again. My butt has definitely become firmer and lifted enough that I have lost the majority of the dreaded banana that lies just under the butt. I am truly surprised and excited about my results. To be honest when I decided I was going to do the treatment I told myself I would work out more and eat better and that was a lie. It’s the law that all mothers tell themselves when they try to work towards a fitness goal. So, my busy life did not change and my eating habits were very similar but they were before so when I tell you my results have nothing to do with a healthier lifestyle I am being 100% honest. Because of my results, it has encouraged me to add some exercise to my daily schedule. I can finally say for the first time since my 20's that I can’t wait for the summer!!

Elizabeth F.

February 2020

Linda is FANTASTIC! I have never had such service or care getting facial treatments in the San Antonio area. She is so knowledgeable and helps address any and all concerns you might have. I am so thankful to have found her and this place.

jenny W.

February 2020

Great experience at Rejuvenating Transformation Medical spa! The staff was amazing and I felt very comfortable throughout the procedures. They took me step by step with everything. Very thorough. I highly recommend!!

Sonjago Ah K.

March 2020

Found this gem when I first got to San Antonio. Based off of reviews I went in for a facial and tried the laser genesis. I was impressed with the customer service. Linda was helpful with all the information she provided. I've had a chemical peel and facials with Bria. Bria is the best and she takes her time. I can actually see a huge difference versus other places that take your money without the results. It's worth the visit and you won't be disappointed. Best Med Spa!!!


August 2019

Linda is one of the most professional estheticians in the industry. She is a great listener, gives you candid consultation and always makes you feel like a million bucks! If you need skin care, this is the staff to trust!

Sarah F.

January 2020

Linda is amazing! She loves what she does and it shows!

Jan H.

July 2019

I've been going to this spa since they opened. Top notch care and services from both Linda and Dr. Gloria. They make me feel like family! 

Reasonable prices, great specials, fun mixers. I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else.

Lauren S.

December 2019

Recommended to me by my mother. Her botox always looks fantastic. My husband received botox here and he looks much younger, but not fake or "plastic" at all! Definitely coming back to Rejuvenating Transformations in the future.


December 2019

Linda was great! She explained the process and gave excellent recommendations. Will definitely return

Sharon B.

December 2019

I was having an allergic reaction to a procedure I had done out of town. 

Linda the office manager was gracious and informative. 

Dr. Gloria was wonderful in assessing the situation.

Not something I ever want to repeat but appreciate all of the staff down to Zoe who got me in within two days.

Maddie K.

January 2020

The entire staff is very friendly and the atmosphere was amazing! I wish I could remember the girl's name at the front desk she was very very sweet and Linda and Gloria are both very informative and made me feel very comfortable will be visiting again!

Melody M.

November 2019

Love this Medical Spa!!! They are all top-notch professionals and are candid with medical expertise advice. The pricing is extremely affordable. No matter how long you’ve been away since last visit, you are always remembered! Highly recommend for anyone wanting to feel little better about themselves.

Della F.

December 2019

Linda makes you feel like she has all the time in the world for you! She is so calming and relaxing! I enjoy talking to her and I love her honest advise on skin care. Zoe is always so friendly on the phone and in person. I would go every week if I could! Love them and the place!

Klarisa M.

June 2019

I came in for a facial and will defiantly be returning because this place is amazing and you can tell the staff truly cares about their clients! If you’re looking for in depth answers or have any concerns about your skin, you will be in great hands. I noticed an immediate difference after one visit.


June 2019

Went in for a facial and was blown away at what a wonderful experience I had. Will definitely be back and will highly recommend to others

Olga M.

June 2019

I have had excellent service with this Spa. Every service I have received has been very good and the results have either met or exceeded my expectations. Prior to choosing this Spa, I had considered a few others (even had services performed) that were owned or operated by a dermatologist but after meeting with Linda, the Spa Esthetician, I decided that their business practices and industry philosophy coincided with mine. They do not try to push or do a hard sell on services you don’t need. The doctor strives to meet my goals but does provide professional guidance so that I have the most natural-looking results. Also, their prices are very competitive if not better than most of the other Spas I have considered.

Mel V

June 2019

I've been coming here for my hair removal needs. Linda is wonderful and excellent at what she does. She keeps you well-informed throughout the process so there are never any surprises. I've also done a chemical peel here. I've seen Bria for her Signature Facial.

Everything here has been wonderful which is why I keep coming back for more.

Yvonne R.

June 2019

I have had two appointments here for laser hair removal and Linda is absolutely amazing. She makes sure to do it as quickly as possible yet she is very thorough. I still have more sessions and am looking forward to complete the entire process. Definitely would recommend!

Dagmar A.

June 2019

I went to the spa for micro needling. The results were amazing. The spa was very clean and the service very professional.

CoCo H.

May 2019

Linda, Zoe and all the staff are wonderful. I highly recommend Rejuvenating Transformations!


May 2019

This is a small medical spa located inside a (medical) clinic with providers. Linda runs the spa side, she’s very professional. They offer a VIP service for $99 a month. With the VIP you get to select from a list of services such as facials, chemical peels, laser, Botox every month. It’s a great way to keep you skin looking radiant by ensuring you take care of it every month. It’s a fabulous deal and I would definitely recommend you give them a try.

Cami R.

May 2019

My first time and I was a little bit nervous, but Dr. Gloria was awesome and patient. Very happy with results.

Paula S.

April 2019

Dr Wright was awesome and professional. She was very informative and took the time to talk to me about different beauty options.

Creme De La Creme Massage Wellness Clinic

March 2019

Ms. Linda and Dr. Gloria are the best! Been a patient over 2 years. They are quick and respond to appointments and any questions. We refer our clients as well and will continue to :)

Avery G.

March 2019

I started doing laser hair removal here with Linda and have seen pretty noticeable results. It's a convenient location, particularly if you live/work back and forth between San Antonio and Austin, or anywhere in between. It's also trans friendly.

Alexandria T.

February 2019

First time getting fillers, and I had a great experience here! At my consultation I expressed what I wanted done (cheek filler) and that was all that was discussed. No other treatment was “pushed” my way and it was a very easy process. I scheduled my appointment and that was equally easy! I did 1 ml of Voluma, so roughly half the syringe per cheek, and the effects were immediate. The area is numbed beforehand so I felt a teeny poke and then just a slight pressure. Very little pain and not much pain afterwards either. This is my second day and the tenderness is already almost gone. I did not bruise at all but that varies person to person. The Doctor was friendly and funny! She put me right at ease. As for price point, I think the prices are right on point for the area. Honestly though I was not price comparing. I was looking for somewhere that I felt comfortable and confident in my results being what I wanted. I’m extremely pleased. I have one more procedure I’d like done in a couple months and I’m confident that will be a great experience too!

Sergio A.

July 2018

Linda (manager) and Dr. Gloria are both awesome. Dr. Gloria really listens to your concerns and Linda is one of the nicest people I’ve met at a med spa. I would highly recommend this professional staff to anyone looking for a more upscale spa.

T So

July 2017

Linda and Rejuvenating Transformations Medical Spas is wonderful for exactly what it says.... Rejuvenating and transforming one to a better self through medically proven products and spa supported calm. Linda knows how to help each person who enters with what their needs her; I did and it is always worth it! Thank-you, Linda! I will see you again soon.

Lillian S. Seguin, TX 


It's always a great experience! Linda is so knowledgeable and professional! If you want to rejuvenate yourself, I highly recommend you call for an appointment! You won't regret it!

Anastasia K. Converse, TX 


As always, I'm very happy with Linda's service. She's professional and informative but also kind. The place is always clean and there's no wait. I've always been happy with my results for hair removal.

Alisa B. Schertz, TX 


I went to see Linda for laser hair removal and it was perfect. I have previous experience with laser hair removal in San Antonio and it was not good. I paid a lot of money with poor results. I also experienced a great deal of unnecessary pain either due to the laser or the technique. Linda is professional and skilled. I have had several areas treated to include lower legs, hamstrings, underarms, bikini and upper lip. The price is affordable and the the service is outstanding. I highly recommend you go in for a consultation!

Marcella G. Austin, TX


I have had an amazing experience with the body contouring package. The process was quick and Linda was very professional and knowledgable to answer any question you may have. When you show up for your appt there is no waiting time and Linda is there to warmly greet you. The office is very clean, inviting, professional and cozy. I would highly recommend!

Lynnette T. Converse, TX 


Exceptional service. Honest and always looking out for the benefit of the customer. Will be a customer for life. Trustworthy As well.

Daphne G. Cibolo, TX *****


Amazing treatment given by Linda! Very professional and personable.

Monica H. Cibolo, TX ****


Linda is awesome! She is honest and always gives great advice on what steps to take after every procedure, whether it be a chemical peel or a microneedling session. I have slowly seen the best results with Linda than I ever have with any past medical esthetician. I always look forward and enjoy going to see her for my skin care therapy. Place is also very neat, clean and I highly recommend. It's a bit hidden but I sure am glad I found her and RTMS. :)

Michelle L. Helotes, TX 


Linda is amazing, professional and very personable. She is extremely knowledgable. She will walk you through each and every step. She will make recommendations according to your needs. You are never treated like a number she makes sure your are satisfied with your service. Linda will go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable.

Leo O. Cibolo, TX


I highly recommend this spa. Linda is outstanding. She is the consummate professional; thorough and extremely knowledgeable.

Samuel H. Seguin, TX 


Love this place. Linda is fabulous! Silky smooth legs! Love it!

Othann W. Schertz, TX


I've had several treatments. Linda is knowledgeable and has numerous methods to improve one's skin. I enjoy my visits to the spa.

Rachael D. Cibolo, TX


The staff at Rejuvenating Transformations are knowledgeable, friendly, and up-to-date on the latest skin care products and treatments - they really set themselves apart from the competition by going above and beyond their client's expectations. The office and treatment rooms are as inviting as the people! It is a clean and professional environment. Ms. Linda put my mind at ease and made me feel comfortable asking questions and recommended the appropriate treatments for my body! I've been to many spas in the surrounding area so I have a lot to compare my experience to! I've been very pleased with the treatments and products I've purchased and will definitely be referring friends and family to have the same experience!

Julianna W. 

September 30, 2015
It was worth it!

Kathleen R.
 March 15, 2016

 I had a chemical Peel done by Linda, which is very professional, helpful, and knowledgeable in her field. She is so kind, and does everything she can to make your visit pleasant, and I am very satisfied with the treatment I received.

Gwen S.
 June 22, 2016

 Linda did an awesome job. I will be going back.

Ashley Chunn

2 months ago- 5 stars

Wonderful service

Stella Rogers

4 months ago- 5 stars

Great place, great people.

Norma Reese

 5 stars

I had a great experience when I visited, and was greeted warmly and would go back again.

Krista James

5 stars

I love Linda! She always makes my face and neck feel fresh and pretty. This is one of my favorite places!

T So

5 stars

Linda and Rejuvenating Transformations Medical Spas is wonderful for exactly what it says.... Rejuvenating and transforming one to a better self through medically proven products and spa supported calm. Linda knows how to help each person who enters with what their needs her; I did and it is always worth it! Thank-you, Linda! I will see you again soon.

Dee Dee WB 

April 6, 2016 

I have nothing but great things to say about Linda and the staff. I have referred so many friends and many of my immediate family see her as well. Very happy that I found Linda!

Jennifer J. 

March 18, 2016

I absolutely love Linda! She is professional, and more importantly, she cares passionately about her clients and the work that she does. If you are considering laser hair removal, a facial, or other aesthetic service to pamper yourself or a loved one, I highly recommend Linda.

Michelle T.

April 28, 2016

Linda is amazing! I love the results from my first laser hair removal and I am so excited about the next area.

Rica P. 

December 23, 2015

I am having the spa work on my abs as I lose weight. As a result my apron is getting smaller and smaller. Awesome result!!

Karolina D. 

November 10, 2016

Absolutely amazing! Linda is very professional and have personal approach to individual customers:) Very relaxing and painless treatments. Highly recommend to everyone.

Alisa B.

October 1, 2015 

Excellent Laser Hair Removal. Linda is professional and personable. I have been to another location and there is no comparison. The facility is new and clean. The laser is new and pain free (I have experienced painful laser hair removal in the past.) Highly recommend!!

Jeanette N. 

May 5, 2016

I am very pleased with the treatment and results I have received at Rejuvenating Transformations. 

Linda is a absolutely fabulous! She is very professional and truly cares about her clients. I will definitely be coming back for additional treatments. I highly recommend Rejuvenating Transformations!

Shannon E. 

April 21, 2016 

Absolutely fantastic office! Everyone if very friendly and professional. Linda does an amazing job with my treatments and I highly recommend her to everyone!

Celeste P. 

June 3, 2016 

LOVE coming to Linda for my laser treatments!! I highly recommend her services!

Eddie M. 

April 19, 2015 

A real confidence booster!

Good luck both Staff and clients!

May the power of healing energy

metamorphosis new cell growth into beauty!

Anastasia K.

November 16, 2016

Linda is absolutely amazing. She's kind and extremely informative. Thanks as always.


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