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Hocatt Sauna


Introducing the


Experience the Power of 10

The HOCATT Sauna is a combination of powerful, natural technologies perfectly sequenced to boost energy, enhance circulation, strengthen the immune system & detoxify the body down to the cellular level. 

HOCATT Technologies:

Transdermal Ozone

CO2 / Carbonic Acid

Whole Body Hyperthermia - Far Infared & Steam

High Intensity PEMF

Frequency Specific Microcurrents

Passive Exercise with Oxygen Breathing


What can the Hocatt Sauna do for YOU?

Improved Cardiovascular Function / Blood Pressure Improvement

Improve Judgment and Discernment / Improved Mental Clarity and Memory

Sexual vitality and stamina

Increased Energy / Extend the healthy years of your life

Able to Maintain Healthy Weight

Smooth, Youthful Skin & Eliminate Cellulite in legs

Noticeable pain reduction / Reduce chronic infections and inflammations

Detox for the entire body / And so much more...


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