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Body Sculpting


Permanent Fat Loss, Muscle Building & More in Selma, TX

Have you tried to lose weight but have been unsuccessful each time? It’s time to put your trust in some of the many trusted weight loss programs that have been designed to help you achieve the long-term weight loss success that you so desire.


Energize your cells, mobilize your metabolism and send those fat cells packing!! 

LipoSlim will help you reach your energy and weight loss goals. Weekly injections*, compounded for your needs include amino acids and vitamins to give you energy, increase your metabolism and promote fat loss, without muscle loss. *Consultation required. 

TruSculpt ID

truSculpt iD offers a unique and personalized approach to improve body contouring and definition. Unlike other devices, there is no placement limitation, it is easy to set up, and fast to treat. 

Unique approach to treat skin with laxity

Sculpt challenging areas

Synchronized treatment zones

No downtime

Versatile to treat various tissue densities

Tailored for areas large and small

Flexible treatment configurations

Immediately resume normal activities

truSculpt iD provides an innovative RF technology that delivers clinically proven results to reduce body fat. The system versatility allows for customized treatments to multiple body areas simultaneously based on patients need in as little as one 15-minute treatment protocol.

TruSculpt Flex

truSculpt® Flex is a non-invasive muscle sculpting device, cleared by the FDA for the strengthening, firming and toning of abdominal, buttocks and thigh muscles. truSculpt Flex can improve muscle tone by inducing muscle contractions using electric current. truSculpt Flex is unique in being customizable based on the patient’s fitness level, shape, and goals.

truSculpt Flex has 3 treatment modes and allows treatment of up to 8 areas at the same time. The proprietary handpieces, consisting of 8 pairs adhere to the skin using truGel, facilitates the targeting of specific groups of small and large muscles in a safe and energy-efficient manner.

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If are you interested in learning more about how to sculpt your dream body, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to go into full detail about everything that goes into effectively losing weight and building muscle mass. Initial consultations are free. 

Please Note: 

Please understand that products and services we offer do work and many clients have had inspiring results. This does not negate your personal responsibility for your own diet and exercise needs. LipoSlim and TruSculpt ID are keys to enhance your energy, fat burning and fat cell loss, but they will not be effective long term if you are not watching your diet and staying physically active. Remaining fat cells can expand with over-eating, metabolism can slow with lack of exercise. Hold yourself accountable and do your part. You are worth it!



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