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RejuvUrSkin Medical Spa

Aesthetics Med Spa located in Selma, TX

A facial is an invigorating and relaxing beauty treatment that freshens your look and boosts your mood. Melissa and Andrea at RejuvUrSkin Medical Spa will develop personalized facial treatments that match your skin's needs and beauty goals. To schedule a facial consultation, call the office in Selma, Texas, or book online today.

Facial Q & A

What is a facial?

A facial is one of the many aesthetic services offered at RejuvUrSkin Medical Spa. The med spa provides many types of facials that can rejuvenate your look by:

  • Exfoliating dead skin cells
  • Removing impurities
  • Treating skin concerns
  • Hydrating your skin 

Facials also improve your health by increasing circulation, reducing stress, and boosting your energy and confidence. 

What type of facial is best for me?

When you visit RejuvUrSkin Medical Spa for a facial consultation, your esthetician spends time talking with you to fully understand your skin concerns and goals. She then evaluates your skin and determines the best facial for you.

Some of the facials available at RejuvUrSkin Medical Spa include:

Ageless Facial

Designed with your skin in mind, this anti-aging facial treatment provides deep hydration to dry or parched skin. The facial is performed with a variety of professional grade exfoliants that target fine lines and wrinkles, lifts and firms the skin, providing necessary anti-oxidants. An hydrating mask will provide intense moisture and refresh your skin for an instant glow.

During the Ageless Facial, your esthetician will help you relax, as your tension and stress melt away with a facial massage helping to rid facial puffiness. 


This treatment is perfect for those on the go or during the hot and humid summer months. A hydrofacial utilizes a vortex suction device that deep cleanses, extracts impurities and exfoliates surface dead skin all in one treatment. A popular treatment after a chemical peel to help slough away remaining dead skin, revealing brighter, smoother skin.  

Clarifying acne facial

The 45-minute clarifying acne facial improves skin clarity, reduces acne blemishes, and soothes redness and inflammation. 

This facial improves the balance of your skin, decreasing breakouts by reducing excess sebum, extracting blackheads, whiteheads, and other impurities and exfoliating dead skin cells safely.  The clarifying acne facial also reduces the appearance of acne scars and post-acne hyperpigmentation. 

Chemical Peel Facial

This facial incorporates alphy-hydroxy acids like lactic for brightening, glycolic for exfoliating, and beta-hydroxy acid salicylic for acne prevention exfoliating to improve the appearance of your skin depending on the concerns you are wanting to address. A chemical exfoliation penetrates the skin's layers deeper than traditional facial exfoliants helping to achieve faster visible results. 

Customized Signature Facial

If you are unsure of what your skin is needing, your esthetician will help to customize the facial experience depending on your top concerns. Utilizing professional products that unclog pores, exfoliate and hydrate will help to slow the breakdown of collagen, stimulate cellular growth, increase oxygenation, and facilitate tissue repair to improve the radiance of your skin. 

What can I expect during my facial?

Your esthetician reviews the details of your facial at your consultation so you know exactly what to expect. No matter which facial you receive, you can look forward to a relaxing and personalized experience. 

To schedule your facial consultation, call RejuvUrSkin Medical Spa or book online today.